Caution: Note when upgrading AForms from v1 to v2.

Hooks (filters and actions)

Here are the WordPress hooks (filters and actions) defined in AForms.
Hooks are a feature for advanced users, so I won’t describe them in detail.
This is information from AForms 2.0.0.


aforms_load_rule($rule, $form);

Filter to change the calculation rule settings of the form.
$rule is the calculation rule settings.
$form is the form which the rule is loaded into.


aforms_load_word($word, $form);

Filter to change the wording settings of the form.
$word is the wording settings.
$form is the form which the wording is loaded into.


aforms_load_behavior($behavior, $form);

Filter to change the behavior settings of the form.
$behavior is the behavior settings.
$form is the form which the behavior is loaded into.


aforms_get_stylesheet($url, $form);

Filter to change the stylesheet applied to the form.
$url is the url of the stylesheet.
$form is the form which loads the stylesheet.


aforms_get_sidebar_selector($sidebarSelector, $formId);

Filter to display the quote details in a sidebar. Return the selector, for example, "#sidebar".
$sidebarSelector is the selector of a sidebar.
$formId is the ID of the form.

This filter can control the behavior of AForms program, but we cannot support every style of user site.
YOU should customize the styling of your site with css, after using this filter.


aforms_compose_thanks_mail($mail, $form, $order);

Filter to change the thanks mail.


aforms_compose_report_mail($mail, $form, $order);

Filter to change the report mail (to administrators).