AForms Eats — Order Form for Restaurants

Accept home-delivery and take-out orders on your web site. Even from today.

PRO edition is out!

What is AForms Eats?

We have redesigned our automatic-quotation and custom-order form builder, AForms, for restaurants.
By installing AForms Eats on your web site, you will be able to accept online orders for your menu.
You can use your web site as a starting point for home-delivery or pre-order for take-out.

The restaurant owner can start accepting online orders right away by just registering products. Even today, if you don’t have many products.

3 reasons for you to get started right away

Specialized in ordering

No membership registration or online payment is required for restaurant take-out or home-delivery.
AForms Eats has no such peripheral features, only the ordering function is present.

Ordering is completed on one page

All the necessary functions for online ordering, such as product description, shopping cart, and order form, are integrated into one page.
You can start selling online by adding just one page to your website.

Easy to register products

The admin panel used by the owner (restaurant) is also easy to use.
The menu is completed by simply registering the names, photos, and prices.


Easy to use

AForms Eats is derived from AForms, which claims to “double the number of applications”.
Using restaurant order tablets as a model, AForms Eats creates order forms that are easy for customers to use and comfortable to use.

Rich functions

In the 6 months since its first release, AForms Eats has been installed in more than 200 restaurants and has incorporated the requests of many restaurant owners.
That’s why AForms Eats has all the features you need for your restaurant. You can surely build an order form for your restaurant.

Free and Paid editions

There is a FREE edition that can be tried out easily, and a PRO edition that allows full functionality by paying.
The PRO edition allows you to build very advanced order forms. If the FREE edition is not enough for you, please consider the PRO edition.

Customers’ Voice

This plugin is perfect for cases when an order form is necessary for your site, but an EC cart system is not.
The flow of choosing a product, checking the price, and ordering can be achieved neatly.

There are very few plugins for building forms that look appealing to users.
However, trying to make it in-house or outsourced will result in higher costs.
In this regard, this plugin is highly functional and reasonably priced, so it is perfect for such cases.

The form editing screen is well done and has good settings that are easy to understand.
If I have another chance, I will use it again.

User of PRO edition, A web production company — the original text is written in japanese

I found this plugin when I was looking for a plugin for product delivery acceptance.
It’s a great plugin that works lightly! Moreover, since it is made in Japan, it supports multiple tax rates, etc.
The paid version includes the ability to set closing times and group products to make it easier to sell different sizes.
In addition, Vivid Colors listens carefully to our detailed requests.
I think this is a plugin you should use if it doesn’t require pre-payment.
Very easy to set up, highly recommended!

User of PRO edition, A web production company — the original text is written in japanese

It’s been about half a month since we started… and the measures are going well. 40% of the sales are from online orders.

User of PRO edition, General manager of marketing company — the original text is written in japanese



Compatible with major browsers and smartphones


Thank-you email and notification email


Online form builder


Smart conditional description with labels


Thank-you page


Changing the wording


Ribbon/Medal display


Stopping the sale of products


Confirmation Screen display settings


Supporting multiple tax rates


Saving orders in a database


Tamper protection by reCAPTCHA


Multi-language and multi-currency support


Combination ProductsPRO


Linking to Opening hoursPRO


Style CustomizerPRO


Discounts and PremiumsPRO


Order Data CSVPRO


Memory and Auto-fill of Customer Info.PRO


Insertion of arbitrary HTML into a formPRO


FreeMIT (Open Source) license
All Basic Functions
Support Forum
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$88 USD1 site license
All Basic Functions
+ Combination Products
+ DateTime Items
+ Style Customizer
+ Discounts and Premiums
+ Attribute Watcher
+ Memory and Auto-fill of Customer Info.
+ HTML Items
+ Order Data CSV
Support Forum
+ 6 months support via email
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