AForms Demo 5 — Legal Fee

Calculation of estimated legal fees. We calculate the retainer fee and reward based on the expected economic benefit.

This demo uses functionality from AForms v2.1, which has not yet been released.

This is a calculation of legal fees realized by the “Calculate Unit Price” function that will be available in v2.1.
The following calculations are performed.

Economic benefits Retainer FeeReward
? <= 30k USD4k USD16% of Economic benefits
30k USD < ? <= 300k USD5% of Economic benefits + 2.5k USD10% of Economic benefits + 1.8k USD
300K USD < ?3% of Economic benefits + 8.5k USD6% of Economic benefits + 13.8k USD

Note: You can remove the detail line ” * Economic benefits ” if you want. It is included because it is better to know the amount the customer has entered.