How to install PDF Extension

We will explain how to install the AForms PDF extension. After installing the plugin, install the General pack.

In this article, we will explain how to install AForms PDF extension.
This information is for AFormsPdf v2.2.0.

Installing the plugin

The PDF extension package is a zip file and you can easily install it using the WordPress functionality.

Open the Plugins page from the admin menu.
Click on “Add New” at the top of the page, then “Upload Plugin” and upload the PDF extension zip file.
Click “Activate Plugin” to activate the plugin, and the PDF extension installation is complete.

Once the plugin is installed, a sub-menu named “PDF Extensions” will be added in the “Forms” section of the admin menu.

Installing language packs

Open the “PDF Extensions” page from the admin menu.
This page normally shows a list of PDF templates, but it should not show anything yet.
Instead, there should be a section at the bottom of the screen called “Install AFormsPdf Language Packs”.
Here, click on “Install the General Pack” to install the general pack.
A confirmation dialog will appear a couple of times, but just click “OK” to proceed.

Once the generic pack is installed, you will be able to use Latin fonts and quotation samples for Europe and the US.

This completes the installation of the PDF extension.

When upgrading PDF extension

If you want to upgrade the PDF extension, please “disable” and ” delete” this plug-in, and then reinstall the new version of the package. Also install the language pack again.


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