About Upgrade to Version 2

AForms is undergoing a major upgrade from v1 to v2. This will include some incompatible changes, and we will explain the precautions to take when upgrading.

AForms is now a major upgrade from v1 to v2.
Future development of AForms will be done in v2.
In v2, we have radically revised the bad parts of v1 with an eye to future enhancements.

This upgrade includes incompatible changes, and the behavior of your form may change.
This article explains what to expect when upgrading from v1 to v2.
Here we explain some things to keep in mind, but YOU should also make sure that your form works properly after upgrading.

Deactivate & Activate

After upgrading to v2, please deactivate then activate AForms in the plugins page.

Abolition of Price Checker items

“Price Checker” items, deprecated for a long time, have been removed.
The form in which Price Checker items are used will not work in v2.
There is a better “Price Watcher” items that should be used.

If the regular price of Option is “0”

The Option to add in Selector items, the specification of “regular price” for this has changed.
In v1, there was no distinction between “0” and a blank. In v2, “0” would show the price, while a blank field would show nothing.

As a result, when you run a form created-in-v1 in v2, a regular price of “0” properly displayed in v1 may not be displayed in v2.
If this happens, please re-set the regular price of the Options on the form builder.

Abolition of settings file (.toml file)

Settings files have been removed in v2.
Settings made in the settings file in v1 need to be reconfigured in a different way in v2.
Please refer to the following table to reconfigure them.

Change wording (common)Set it in the “Words” tab of the form settings.
Change wording (by form)Use aforms_load_word filter (with two arguments). (for advanced users)
Change stylesheet (common)Use aforms_get_stylesheet filter (with two arguments). (for advanced users)
Change stylesheet (by form)Use aforms_get_stylesheet filter (with two arguments). (for advanced users)

Now not recommended for style customization

While in v1 we have encouraged style customization with CSS, from v2 onwards, it is no longer recommended, but only supported.
“Support” means that we try to maintain customizability and make user-defined styles easier for users to maintain.

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